It’s Rotary, but not what you’re expecting!

Why Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary?

Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary is a new version of Rotary club that encourages members to engage in service in ways that fit within their family, work and life commitments.  

Rotary members are volunteers who take action to create lasting change. 

Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary is your passport:

  • into Rotary – for people who have busy lives and commitments – such as young professionals, students, families and retirees – by reducing or removing barriers of time and cost, focussing on ways to be engaged in service to others
  • to other Rotary clubs – encouraging our members to visit other local Rotary clubs and to take part in their service projects, fundraisers and other activities
  • to the local community – if you volunteer in other community groups, we want you to be our Rotary ambassador to those groups, and let us know how we can work together to support the good work of others

More about ‘Passport Rotary’

The term “passport” refers to the ability to move freely from club to club, attending the meetings or participating in the activities of other clubs

Any Rotarian can attend another club when travelling, but passport clubs encourage their members to do so regularly which brings fresh ideas back to their own club

Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary is an exciting new form of Rotary

If your interest is in serving the community, we want to talk to you

Imagine having a Passport to connect with 1.2 million business leaders & professionals, 200 countries to make new friends, spread your business, develop leadership skills, improve public speaking and opportunities to do good in your community

Opportunities for you to make a difference!

Learn about Rotary International

Some links to information about Rotary International may be found here

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