Funding Model

Rotary International is a global organisation with infrastructure at a Club, District and International level to support its members.

  • Our club fees are modest but cover our administration costs such as for communication (Zoom, domain name, website), bank & audit fees. There is an $80 joining fee to cover various costs including a personalised polo shirt, and an environmentally friendly name badge.
  • District fees cover our insurance, leadership training and support from District leaders.
  • Rotary International fees cover the My Rotary platform, the Learning and Development platform, RI staff support and resource development
    There is also a small fee for the national or international Rotary magazine.

Is $30 a month too much to ask? There are no other costs apart from the joining fee.

JOIN US! The best way to become a member of our club, or to simply see what we are all about, is to join us for a meeting or share a volunteering opportunity with us.

Our ‘events’ page lists them all!

Published by Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary

The Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland - Sunshine Coast Passport embraces 'Passport' ideals. It encourages members to engage in service in ways that fit within their family, work and life commitments.

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