7 reasons young people should join Rotary

Ryan Bell (Iowa City Rotary District 6000 Public Image Co-Chair) has a message for all young people who may never have heard about Rotary. Or if you have, it was from a parent or grandparent who spent more time talking about the lunch menu or how great the salad bar is. If that’s all you’ve heard about Rotary, then you’re missing a lot. And let me tell you why, in the middle of this pandemic, Rotary is more relevant than ever. It’s definitely something you want to know about.

What is Passport Rotary?

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary! Start Making a Difference Today! Imagine a club that is totally flexible to your time demands and allows you to partake in service projects when you can – then look no further! Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary expects to attract young people, leaders, and workingContinue reading “What is Passport Rotary?”

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