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Innovative – Flexible – Family Friendly

Welcome to ‘Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary’!

The Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland – Sunshine Coast Passport is the newest Rotary club on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

If you’ve always been interested in a service club but thought you didn’t have the time, or you wanted a more flexible approach to volunteering, get in touch.

“Life’s too short to not do stuff that matters! 

I joined Rotary to work for causes I’m passionate about like reducing inequalities in general, and through Youth Engagement/Development and Education. 

I believe that whatever background we come from, everyone has the right and should have the same opportunities to reach their full potential.  A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so by helping the most vulnerable in our community, we can have the greatest impact. 

Sunshine Coast Passport’s flexible and family friendly format of Rotary allows us to focus on making a difference in the community.  It suits young professionals on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and elsewhere.”

Anna Mayr – Chair, Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland – Sunshine Coast Passport

Anna is the first Chair (President) of the Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland – Sunshine Coast Passport.

She was born in Vienna, Austria) and grew up in a small town just outside of the capital. From “primary school age, I remember dreaming of two things: to win the Olympics, and to live in Australia”.

To improve her English skills, Anna moved to a bilingual business school and in 2007-08 was given the opportunity to experience life in Australia through the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

“I will always be grateful for this opportunity, as I believe this experience shaped my life, personality, and values more than anything else in my life so far”.

Anna is a data analyst and her current role is as a Bi Analyst with CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation).

Rotary members are volunteers who take action to create lasting change. 

As a Satellite Club embracing ‘passport’ ideals, Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary presents a new version of Rotary that encourages members to engage in service in ways that fit within their family, work and life commitments.

What is different?

  • No weekly meetings
  • Minimal attendance requirement
  • Meetings may be online, in person or family friendly social events scheduled twice monthly
  • Focus on maximising time to assist organisations that need help
  • Expectation that members volunteer annually for 30 hours
  • Fundraising only for club purposes, unless for The Rotary Foundation
  • Any guest speakers will be to benefit the club, not entertain
  • No meeting charges

What’s in it for me?

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.

Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary wants its members to invest their time to create a wonderful experience for themselves and the community they are helping.

Make sure you give your time effectively and make a difference.

The Rotary Satellite Club of Alexandra Headland – Sunshine Coast Passport is the new, innovative Rotary club based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

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